Reader’s Digest Association (RDA), has launched Baconnection, an app for the Android Market, stuffed to the snout with bacon facts, bacon recipes, bacon games, bacon badges and more. The app features hundreds of ways to make bacon dishes from appetizers to desserts with top rated recipes from, Taste of Home and Every Day with Rachael Ray.


In the Baconnection game, bacon is the heart of the food universe and players aim to connect ordinary ingredients to bacon recipes in six steps or less. Connect scotch or mahi-mahi to bacon in six recipes or less and get rewarded with Bacon Badges such as Super Swine, Porker, Swinestein, Piglette, Boss Hog and more.

With Bacon Bits Trivia, bacon lovers get to know their favorite ingredient with bite-sized trivia questions. Players can become Baconnoisseurs or earn a Ph.B. in Baconology.

The Baconnection App allows bacon lovers to browse and save favorite bacon recipes, share recipes via email and connect with other bacon lovers through Facebook at: Learn more about the app at:

The Baconnection app is available to download for $.99 in the Android Market at:, and is coming soon to the iTunes App Store. Images of screenshots and logos can be found in the Baconnection Flickr photo library at: More information about the app can be found here: