Even though cold weather is coming to an end, hopefully, farmers are effective sources when it comes to testing products.

When asked, “Are your wellies warm?” the answer was a resounding “Yes,” when farmers on the Bekina test panel visited the Bekina boot factory after taking part in a trial sponsored by the company.

The 100 farmers from across the Flanders region in Belgium tested wellington boots for Bekina by wearing them up to 12 hours a day in all sorts of weather and working conditions for many months.

Welcoming them to a factory tour, Bekina managing director Thomas Vanderbeke noted that, “A test panel of hard-working farmers constantly wearing and commenting on boots helps us ensure quality products are supplied to their fellow farmers worldwide.

“Test-panel farmers also help us compare Bekina comfort and quality levels with those of the competition. This is especially important during the development of new products.”

The third generation to head the family firm based at Kluisbergen in rural Flanders, Thomas Vanderbeke added that Bekina boots are made from polyurethane, so they are are light to wear, yet long lasting. Polyurethane boots have millions of tiny trapped air bubbles providing thermo insulation to keep feet cool in summer, yet warm in winter.

To learn more about Bekina, browse www.bekina.be.