Global animal health leader Alltech is launching new solutions programs that aim to give their swine customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Alltech solutions programs for pigs are feeding programs centered around the study of nutrigenomics that provide natural nutritional answers to overcoming challenges such as sow productivity, pre-weaning mortality, gut integrity, early growth, feed conversion and cost of production.

“Yesterday, when we discussed swine nutrition, we talked about increasing performance through a stress pack,” said Russell Gilliam, US swine business manager for Alltech. “Today we are discussing nutrition at the celluar level and how we can feed our animals to regulate their genes, improve immune response, advance carcass quality and leave less stress on the environment.”

This shift in industry focus changes the priority from simply getting more nutrients into the animal, to understanding the degree to which each nutrient affects the animal at the cell and tissue levels. Alltech utilizes the gene chip, a DNA microarray, to measure gene expression and allow for scientists to analyze a very large number of genes at once. With this technology, scientists have found nutrients are “gene switches” that regulate biofunctions. This groundbreaking research in nutrigenomics activates the nutritional power within while feeding the animal to its genetic potential.

“If an animal is fed too much of a certain nutrient it doesn’t need, it is not as efficient in daily gains, reproduction or immunity,” Gilliam said. “Feeding an animal exactly what it needs, all the way down to the cellular level will result in better health, increased performance and improved profitability.”

The programs use nutritional innovation to assist producers with production challenges such as reproduction, better growth, improved immune status and fewer days to market, which could also have a direct effect on their bottom line.

Besides nutritional applications, the overall Alltech Pig Solutions Programs include workshops and training for employees, nutritional advisory services, 37+ Mycotoxin analyses, TrueCheck in-vitro screening, quality control checks and many other services to support the industry.

For more information about the Alltech On-Farm Solutions and Support program, please visit or call (800)289-8324.

Source: Alltech