Study says insects’ fear limits boost from climate change

Scientists often measure the effects of temperature on insects to predict how climate change will affect their distribution and abundance, but a Dartmouth study shows for the first time that insects’ fear of their predators, in addition to temperature, ultimately limits how fast they grow. FULL STORY »

Women are becoming more prominent in agriculture

Women have been becoming more commonplace in agriculture, but the 2012 Census of Agriculture reports that women were the principal operators of only 14% of the more than two million U.S. farms that same year. FULL STORY »

University of Minnesota offers online PEDv course

The University of Minnesota will be offering a PEDv course, “Assessing Biosecurity in the Swine Feed Supply Chain," that will run between Oct. 6 through Oct. 19. FULL STORY »

How much will PEDv affect Friday’s Hogs & Pigs report?

Analysts expect the USDA to lowers its total inventory of hogs and pigs in Friday’s Hogs & Pigs report, largely due to the impacts of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus on the U.S. pig crop this spring and summer. FULL STORY »

Lighter Side: Bacon stuffed…what?

Pizza Hut is known for its cheese stuffed crust, but now for a limited-time the fast food giant is taking this menu item to the next level…with bacon. FULL STORY »

Decline in oil prices caused by weak demand, good supply

North Sea Brent crude oil prices have remained under the symbolic $100/barrel level since September 5, falling to $94.13/barrel this afternoon, the lowest level in more than two years. FULL STORY »

EPA inaction on RFS Rule causing an increase in GHG emissions

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) issued a white paper updating earlier published estimates of the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from EPA’s proposal to reduce biofuel use during 2014. FULL STORY »

Photo of the day: Won’t you be my neighbor?

Pig farms get a bad rap in the public’s eye, but with seven homes within two miles of Peggy Greenway’s sow farm, the reaction is different. FULL STORY »

Ag markets are mixed to lower in early Thursday trading

International news seems to be supporting grain and soy prices. Short-covering apparently boosted the grain and soy complexes Wednesday and that strength continued overnight. FULL STORY »

Stalk and crown rot diseases likely in many fields

Much of the 2014 Nebraska corn crop has experienced repeated and prolonged stress and wounding. While most of the crop looks good, we are beginning to see early evidence of problems developing. FULL STORY »

Pork Signals: Seasonal price decline underway

The five most profitable months ever for U.S. hog producers have all been this year. Iowa State University calculations say that prior to 2014, the most profitable month for farrow-to-finish operations was September 1975, with an average profit of $64.68 per hog sold. FULL STORY »

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