Agricultural interests expressed outrage this week at anti-meat comments posted on “Greenversations,” the official blog of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A college intern for the agency, Nicole Reising, posted an entry suggesting the easiest way to lessen the environmental impacts of meat production is to become a vegetarian or vegan. The Indiana University student criticized meat production on the taxpayer-funded blog for contaminating water, polluting the air and eroding the soil in rainforests.

Some of the more than 200 responses to Reising’s “Living without meat” entry were critical of the misinformation included in the blog. One of those came from well-known Washington , D.C. , animal industry advocate and lobbyist Steve Kopperud, who posted an online response strongly questioning EPA’s motive.

“I’m at a loss to understand how a taxpayer-supported government agency can give the time and access to an intern to spread what can only be described as incredibly naïve, but politically volatile misinformation,” he wrote.

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