The chair of the House agricultural appropriations subcommittee has announced she does not plan to approve USDA’s request for $14 million for the state-run animal identification and traceability plan, according to the Des Moines Register. The plan would replace the National Animal Identification System which was recently scrapped by USDA.

Connecticut Democrat Rosa DeLauro expressed frustration that the department has little to show for the $147 million that’s already been spent designing a national tracking program. DeLauro expressed doubt that a state-run program could perform adequately.

Meanwhile, premises identification remains the cornerstone of animal health and disease surveillance for the pork industry. “The pork industry is committed to working collaboratively with USDA and state animal health officials to provide a sound system,” says Paul Sundberg, vice president of science and technology at the NPB. “Pork producers have demonstrated their confidence in premises identification through their participation and it is important that we maintain this voluntary cooperation."

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Source: Des Moines Register