Glen Keppy is the newest member of the Pork Industry Hall of Fame. He and his father, Roy, are the first father and son Hall of Fame members.

This Davenport, Iowa, producer served as the National Pork Producers Council’s president from 1994-1995. During his term, he worked on several initiatives, including work with the Pork. The Other White Meat campaign. Plus, he led the Pork Leadership for Youth Program.

In the legislative arena, Keppy helped NPPC take a proactive position on environmental issues. He also worked closely with other agriculture organizations and commodity groups to form coalitions that still exist today.

Keppy continues to serve the pork industry as a member of the National Pork Board trade committee and the executive committee for the U.S. Meat Export Federation. He also is on the board of directors of Cenex Harvest States Cooperatives.

National Pork Producers Council