A $4.8 million USDA grant has been awarded Kansas State University for support of a comprehensive national program aimed at controlling porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome. The disease costs U.S. pork producers an estimated $700 million in losses per year. Raymond “Bob” Rowland, Kansas State professor and virologist, will lead the PRRS project.

Under the project, Kansas State experts will collaborate with other universities, veterinarians, commodity groups, government agencies and pork producers to study the disease and provide improved control measures. The efforts will include research, education and extension.

“By eliminating porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome we can have a significant impact on animal health and welfare and the economic bottom line of producers across the nation,” said Rowland. “The project will support research into new vaccines against the syndrome as well as how swine genetics impact prevention and treatment.” The findings will then be translated into remedies or management practices for producers.

Source: Kansas State University