USDA has recertified the Kansas Agricultural Mediation Service to continue its work in helping to resolve agricultural-based disputes.
KAMS offers dispute resolution services to Kansas farmers, ranchers, agricultural lenders, and USDA agencies in a confidential and non- adversarial setting outside the traditional legal process, says
Forrest Buhler, KAMS staff attorney. Most services are available at  no cost or at a reduced cost.
Anyone in the Kansas agricultural community who is involved in a financial dispute is encouraged to call (800) 321-3276. Information about the service is also available online at

For example, if a Kansas agricultural producer receives what he or she considers an adverse decision from a USDA agency, a KAMS mediator may be able to help resolve the situation without going through the formal appeals process.
KAMS may also be able to help in situations where a lender or supplier is involved in a dispute with a producer over a credit issue.
The agency also works with Kansas State Research and Extension to provide agricultural financial counseling and has an agreement with Kansas Legal Services to provide legal representation to
farmers and ranchers on a reduced-fee basis, depending on the producer's income.
The KAMS program has been a resource in Kansas since 1988. It is funded through a USDA grant program and administered by Kansas State Research and Extension.

Source: Kansas State University