The Illinois Pork Producers Association reports that a jury decision in Clay County Illinois has ruled in favor of Bible Pork, a swine farm located near Louisville, Ill. A lawsuit brought forward by 15 neighbors claimed that the swine farm was a “nuisance” under Illinois law due to alleged odor. IPPA officials cite the farm as a state-of-the-art production system. 

“This ruling is great news for the livestock industry and all of agriculture,” says Phil Borgic, a pork producer from Nokomis and current IPPA president. “Many times, as in this case, livestock operations are wrongfully attacked by people with misinformation and emotional rhetoric. This jury proved that in the end, facts will prevail. We believe that this ruling will set precedent for future livestock-related cases.”

IPPA officials contend that the ruling "is a significant victory for Illinois livestock farmers that have operated their farms in good faith under the Illinois Livestock Facilities Management Act." This ruling also reinforces the clear protections provided under LMFA for both livestock farmers and their rural neighbors, say IPPA officials. The case has drawn much attention from across Illinois and the nation. 

“We are pleased that the jury’s decision reiterated the importance of livestock production to rural communities in Illinois and recognized the best management practices that pork producers, such as the Bibles, have taken to be good neighbors and stewards of the environment,” says Borgic. 

“In these tough economic times for our country, pork producers play a pivotal role in providing a safe, quality, affordable protein source for many Americans. As pork producers we take the responsibility of helping feed this country and others around the world seriously. We do this with pride, while caring for our animals, the environment, and our communities,” he adds.

Source: Illinois Pork Producers Association