JBS Swift & Co. officials have announced that the company will label its fresh meat products from animals originating in the United States with the "Product of USA" label.

This move follows earlier announcements from Tyson Fresh Meats and Cargill that they also will prioritize their product labeling to adopt the label as it is spelled out in the mandatory country-of-origin labeling law.

There has been much controversy under the intent of COOL and the four labeling categories allowed by the related regulations, particularly the "mixed country" label that was intended to allow for some much needed flexibility to the program.

Supporting JBS Swift's move, National Farmers Union President Tom Buis said, "Consumers simply have the right to know where their food comes from. I am pleased to see the nation's three largest packers come together in a cooperative spirit to follow the intent of the law."

He added that roughly 90 percent of all fresh retail beef and pork cuts meet the Product of USA definition and would qualify for label A, the USA label, as directed in the 2008 Farm Bill.