Livestock producers can use a new software program to help determine nutrient values from all types of manure. The Manure Nutrient Value Calculator (V1.0) is a spreadsheet program that works with Microsoft Excel 97 or newer and uses approximately 265K of space. It is available on floppy disk from the Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University.

Assistant professor of animal science Ken Stalder and program specialist Garland Dahlke developed the program that uses data on available manure, including form, quantity and analysis results, to provide recommendations of remaining commercial fertilizer needs as well as a financial breakdown based on manure and commercial fertilizer values.

"This software asks for information on what form and quantity of manure you're using and its handling cost," says Stalder. "You also enter soil and nutrient analysis results, along with the desired application rate and price of commercial fertilizer, and the program can tell you how many acres your manure will cover, how much commercial fertilizer you'll need to apply and the total cost of applying all necessary fertilizer to that specific piece of land."

He says the Manure Nutrient Value Calculator (V1.0) is easy to use because of the tips and help screens that are built into the program.

"Comment and tip boxes are located throughout the program, which help users understand where to enter specific inputs, and how to use the spreadsheet itself," notes Stalder. "As long as the user remembers to enable macros in Excel, the program will work."

In addition to seeing calculator results on-screen, users also may print a summary of that information from the program, which can be used by producers as they work with neighbors, ISU Extension field specialists, crop consultants and others to develop manure and nutrient management plans for their operations.

To find out more about the Manure Nutrient Value Calculator (V1.0) software or to order a copy, contact Stalder at the Iowa Pork Industry Center at (515) 294-4683 or in Iowa, (800) 808-7675.

Iowa Pork Industry Center