The Iowa chapter of Pheasants Forever and Iowa Pork Producers Association have formed a new joint project for pheasant habitat and water quality. It is  designed to promote the creation of pheasant nesting habitat near swine farms.

“The project's goal is to create some additional habitat around swine barns without disrupting the facility's operation,” says Dave Van Waus, regional wildlife biologist for Pheasants Forever. “We are excited to form this new partnership with farms throughout Iowa.”

The project is being launched this year and will involve 10 producers who are interested in having pheasant nesting habitat developed on their farm sites. The producers who participate in the pilot project will receive financial support from both PF and IPPA. In addition, PF will provide the technical assistance in planning the work done on each individual farm as well as maintenance and follow-up work.

 “Every local PF chapter has a budget in which it is looking for projects to increase pheasant nesting habitat, with the mission to increase and maintain quality wildlife habitat,” notes Van Waus. “This partnership will help establish an excellent working relationship on each farm. The local PF chapters will be working directly with the producers to implement this important habitat project.”

 Work on developing the first 10 habitat projects is already under way.

“This is a win-win situation for both organizations,” says Scott Tapper, IPPA president and member of the partnership task force. “This will help producers beautify their farm sites and make them more environmentally acceptable. We have recruited the first 10 pilot sites and look forward to a successful partnership now and in the future.”

 IPPA and Pheasants Forever hope to increase the number of participating sites in the future.

Source: Iowa Pork Producers Association and Iowa Pheasants Forever