Iowa pork producers are seeking relief from a state ban on application of manure on frozen or snow-covered fields. State environmental regulators, however, say they will fight to retain the ban saying it can lead to dangerous ammonia levels in the states’ streams.

As a result of the controversial ban, another showdown looms over Iowa's regulations, according to the Des Moines Register.

Wayne Gieselman, the state's environmental protection chief, says livestock interests are backing legislation that would effectively lift the winter ban on manure application. Currently, livestock producers are barred from manure application on fields between Dec. 21 and April 1. However, legislation enacted last year permits application in an emergency.

House File 2324 and Senate File 2229 would exempt those farms from requirements that they install more manure storage to comply with last year's law. That would allow the controversial manure applications.

The rule proposed by DNR would close the emergency application provision. "Ten years in a row is not an emergency," Gieselman said.

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Source: Des Moines Register