The U.S. financial meltdown and the impact across the globe will be a challenge for the new U.S. president as well as businesses. The United States also is undergoing a change within the commodity futures markets, including issues surrounding futures convergence and price discovery. How these issues interconnect, whether the United States is in an era of sustainable real values for commodities as an asset class and what the implications will be for businesses and commodities will spotlight Informa Economics' 23rd Annual Fall Outlook Conference, Nov. 20-21 at the Hilton Hotel, Memphis. The Informa research team will kick off the conference with a bonus session discussing what the next five to 10 years may hold for global agriculture given current market price levels, land availability, yield potential, domestic demand and exports.

Allen Sinai, chief global economist and president of Decision Economics, will lead off the conference discussing the current credit crisis and the implications for the macroeconomic outlook. Attendees then will hear a discussion on the prospects for U.S. geopolitics. Erik Peterson, senior vice president for the Center for Strategic International Studies, address what can be expected from the new U.S. administration, its approach to geopolitics and the implications for businesses.  Bruce Scherr, Informa Economics chief executive officer, will discuss the prospects of an era of sustainable real values for commodities as an asset class and the implications for businesses and commodities.

David Lehman, CME Groupcorporate development director, willround out the first day with a discussion of issues surrounding futures' convergence, price discovery and the changing nature of the futures markets.

On day two, Informa Economics' top analysts will provide commodity breakout sessions, including detailed 2008/2009 supply-and-demand situations and an early look at the 2009/2010 and supply-and-demand outlooks. Commodities to be covered include an overview of crops with acreage and production outlooks, feed grains, wheat and rice, soybeans and soy products, cotton, sugar and cocoa, cattle and beef, hogs and pork, poultry and eggs, dairy, transportation, and energy.

The registration fee is $650 for Informa clients; $800 for others. Additional registrants from the same organization are $500 for Informa clients; $600 for others. For registration information, contact Karen Hayes at (800)290-6272 (outside of the United States (901) 766-4479) or fax inquiries to (901) 766-4471. For a brochure and online registration information, click here.

Source: Infoma Economics