Last night, HBO aired a documentary  called “Death on a Factory Farm,” 9 p.m. Central Time. It will air several times through April 1. (Check local listings for times.)

The 87-minute documentary was produced by the Humane Farming Association and is based on the animal abuse incident at hog farm in Creston, Ohio, that took place in 2007.

Two-thirds of the documentary is undercover video taken by an individual on behalf of HFA, the last portion shows the court case where the owner and two employees were on trial for the animal abuse charges.

The National Pork Producers Council and National Pork Board, have prepared a statement, which NPPC delivered to congressional staff before the video aired.

“These types of challenges demonstrate why it is critical for all the industry to come together and support the ‘We Care’ program,” said Dallas Hockman, NPPC’s vice president of industry relations. “It is the responsibility of each and every producer to demonstrate his/her commitment to continuous improvement and sound business practices.”

He points to the "We Care" program’s “The Statement of Ethical Principles” and compliance to Pork Quality Assurance Plus and Transport Quality Assurance as proactive industry programs. “These are critical first steps in demonstrating to our customers and to the public that we are dedicated to the production of safe, wholesome food while following acceptable animal welfare practices and safeguarding our natural resources,” Hockman says.

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