At this year’s National Pork Industry Forum, the National Pork Board honored Barry Carpenter of Washington, D.C., for his service as the Deputy Administrator of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, Livestock and Seed Program.

In addition to Carpenter’s numerous other responsibilities at USDA, he has been the chief overseer of national pork checkoff programs. Carpenter understood that the NPB and the Pork Act, as products of federal legislation, had to have oversight by a government agency to ensure all citizens that the system was fair and just.

“Barry watched the checkoff programs with a critical eye, but he was more than a government bureaucrat who didn’t give of himself to see that programs were the best that they could be,” says James Meimann, NPB’s executive vice president, governance and operations. “To do that, one must understand the needs and wants of the program’s constituents– in this case pork producers.”

Carpenter’s USDA post encompassed far more than just the pork checkoff program. The Livestock and Seed Program is responsible for reporting livestock and grain market news; developing standards for meat, cattle, swine, and wool. It’s also responsible for meat grading and certification; purchasing red meats and fish for the Federal feeding programs. It monitors the research and promotion activities for the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, National Pork Board, the United Soybean Board, the American Lamb Board, and the Mohair Council of America; and enforcing the Federal Seed Act. These programs and services are accomplished through an operational budget of $48 million and a workforce of 485 full-time employees.

“Barry listened to the concerns of pork checkoff supporters and detractors, but would not be swayed by their intense pressure and persistence,” notes Meimann. “Instead, Barry focused on what he thought was best for pork producers, as prescribed through the Pork Act and Order.”

Barry’s background is in livestock and animal agriculture. He holds an animal science degree from the University of Florida.

“He knows the people and the programs, and by doing his job of government oversight with intelligence and understanding he has been a friend to NPB, the pork checkoff and America’s pork producers, says Meimann. “He brought unquestioned integrity to ensure all pork producers that their checkoff funds are being wisely and correctly managed.”

Source: National Pork Board