The Illinois Pork Producers Association likes what it sees in the new Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan  incentive that was recently announced by the Illinois Natural Resources Conservation Service. These funds are an additional incentive project of the 2007 Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

“IPPA encourages all livestock producers who are interested in developing a CNMP to take advantage of these funds,” saus Jim Kaitschuk, IPPA executive director.

The sign-up for these funds begins immediately with the deadline to apply June 21st. Producers selected for funding will be notified after June 21. Selected producers must have contracts signed by June 29. Once producers have signed the contract, they must secure a TSP and begin working on the plan within 12 months. Once the plan is completed and approved, producers will receive the incentive payment.

These funds are open to everyone, including producers who previously had a CNMP contract that was cancelled due to lack of Technical Assistance funds. Producers who have an existing CNMP contract are not eligible.

The new CNMP flat rates will be as follows (per site):

  • For CNMPs written for 15 to 299 animal units will be set up for a flat rate payment of $5000, CNMPs written for 300 to 750 animal units will be set up for a flat rate payment of $7,000, CNMPs written for greater than 750 animal units will be set up for a flat rate payment of $8,000. 
  •  If expansion is planned for the operation in the next 12 months, the proposed number of animal units, up to 150 percent of current numbers, should be used to determine the rate.
  •  As a reminder NRCS calculates Animal Units differently than the Livestock Management Facilities Act. To determine your NRCS Animal Units calculate as follows:
  • Take the total number of swine on your site multiplied by the avg. weight of the pigs divided by 1,000 = Animal Units.

“Previously the CNMP incentive was $1,000 and there was a lack of Technical Assistance dollars to cover the costs of Technical Service Providers writing the plan,” says Kaitschuk. “This created a long waiting list and a large backlog. There is not a waiting list for this new CNMP incentive and it is very simple to apply.”

“The Illinois Pork Producers Association has been working with the NRCS at the state and national level to address this issue," says Kaitschuk. “This new, higher incentive payment is due in part to the efforts of IPPA funded with membership dollars. IPPA greatly appreciate NRCS’ efforts at the state and national level to develop this new incentive and to implement it yet this year.”

Producers should contact their local CountyNRCS staff at the USDAServiceCenter in their County to apply for the new CNMP incentive.

Source: Illinois Pork Producers Association