The National Pork Board, USDA and other industry stakeholders will host ID Alley during the 2006 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa,`June 8-10.  At ID Alley, producers will be able to register their livestock production premises for the National Animal Identification System. 

Registering a premises at ID Alley will be easy and free. Industry representatives  will be available to offer assistance throughout the process and answer all questions regarding NAIS. The program's goal is to be able to trace animals that are sick or exposed to vital diseases to their farm of origin within 48 hours. 

The pork industry has developed a species-specific plan with three implementation phases.  The first is premises identification.  This will enable state and federal animal health officials to respond rapidly and effectively to animal-health emergencies. More than 250,000 premises have been registered in the United States so far.

ID Alley will be located in booth 2724 of the Cattle Barn at the Iowa State Fairgrounds only during WPX.

National Pork Board