The Humane Society of the United States is among the defendants in a $5 million federal lawsuit filed by Dan Christensen, a South Dakota dog breeder, according to  Christensen claims his dogs and puppies were illegally seized during a raid last fall.

The lawsuit filed last week names as defendants Second Chance Rescue Center, Second Chance executive director Rosey Quinn, several national animal groups and Turner County's sheriff, commission members and state's attorney.

HSUS, with former employee Scotlund Haisley, assisted the Second Chance Rescue in raiding Christensen’s property last September, seizing 173 dogs that they alleged were being mistreated.

Christensen had been charged with more than 170 misdemeanor counts of inhumane treatment of animals after the raid. Authorities alleged the farm had filthy water, kennels containing feces and that some of the 172 dogs seized had coats in poor condition.

All of the charges against Christensen were dropped and a judge ordered dogs illegally seized by HSUS and Second Chance to be returned to Christensen, their rightful owner.

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Source:, Associated Press contributed to this article.