How can a $295 registration save you money? By investing in your operation and attending the 2nd Annual Responsible Pork Symposium, Feb. 23-25 in Kansas City at the Airport Hilton.

Tough economic times require broad, fresh thinking. If you think you can acquire all you need to know sitting at your desk or talking to your area colleagues, that’s one option. But if you think there is benefit in broadening your perspectives deeper into the pork chain and investigating future issues and solutions, then this symposium is for you.

Monday evening kicks off with a networking opportunity, with the next 1.5 days focused on the four pillars-- Animal Well-being, Environment, Human Capital and Food Safety—that demand your commitment to being a responsible pork supplier. 

Some of the highlights include:

  • A panel of pork chain representatives will discuss what responsibility means to them.
  • Dennis Treacy, vice president of environmental and corporate affairs for Smithfield Foods, will outline the how and why of the company’s environmental sustainability program.
  • A food safety panel will dig into the issues that the pork chain faces today, the political climate in Washington, D.C., and what could be on the horizon.
  • A take-away session will offer tips on how to take ownership of today’s hot issues and how to approach the media and the public.  

For more information about the program or to register, click here.