Late on Wednesday the U.S. House and Senate voted to override President Bush's farm bill veto. The House addressed the bill first, followed by the Senate. It now means that the 2008 Farm Bill is now law.

"Farmers, ranchers and consumers across the country will finally, after a lengthy and often-times challenging process, reap the benefits of the 2008 Farm Bill," said Tom Buis, National Farmers Union president.

Buis pointed to the Midwest flooding as an illustration of the devastating effects Mother Nature can have on agriculture. "The (bill's) disaster program will provide a helping hand to our nation's food and fiber producers in their time of need," he said. "We know that weather-related disasters occur every year, in all areas of the country. The farm bill's disaster program provides a safety net to aid those affected by severe weather. It's imperative that USDA move quickly to implement this program."

The bill also will implement the mandatory country-of-origin labeling program; it makes record investments in nutrition and food aid programs - more than 73 percent of total farm bill spending; and includes conservation, rural development and specialty crop programs.

"I want to thank all those in Congress who persevered and remained dedicated to passing a new farm bill despite the enormous challenges they confronted along the way," Buis said.

Source: National Farmers Union