According to analysts the soybean crop in the Midwest is in for a stressful period due to high temperatures next week. Agricultural Meteorologist Dale Mohler, says dry and hot weather will move into the region next week, bringing the hottest temperatures for the year so far. He notes that Missouri, Iowa and Illinois would have three to five days with temperatures reaching into the middle to upper 90s F.

Soybeans experience their greatest need for moisture in August when they go through the pod-filling stage. That of course is critical to the eventual yield outcome.

Futures traders in Chicago have taken the heatwave to heart as market prices for growing crops were strong on Thursday. As an article in the Washington Post points out, soybean prices have climbed in recent days because of growing fears of crop damage. While there are many developmental days ahead for both corn and soybeans, markets always react with volatility during the growing season.

There may be some relief from the heat moving into next weekend, but Mohler says that break might not be found as far south as Missouri. Looking at specific regions, Mohler says Carroll, Iowa, will record temperatures in 90s F over the next week, and Galesburg, Ill., is expected to hit 95 F by next Friday. Crystal Lake, Ill., will have slightly cooler temperatures due to its proximity to Lake Michigan.

In Missouri, Moberly will be humid with bright sunshine and temperatures climbing to 94 F on Wednesday. Cameron, Mo., will have similar conditions, with the forecast predicting highs up to 94 F on Tuesday, then a slight dip on Wednesday and Thursday before climbing back into the mid-90s over the weekend.