Hormel Foods Corp. released its 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report last week. In it, the company highlights its efforts in what it calls corporate citizenship, including employee training, food safety and quality, animal husbandry, environmental stewardship and community investment.

“We are proud to tell our story of how we are living our principles in our day-to-day operations,” says Jeffrey Ettinger, chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer, Hormel Foods. “The process of compiling information for this report has taught us a great deal, and we will continue to find ways to strengthen our commitment to our employees, customers, investors, the environment and animal welfare.”

In the report, Hormel Foods defines responsibility goals to reduce its environmental impact. The company will establish benchmarks for each of its 41 facilities. For example, Hormel Foods pledges to do more to recycle the total waste produced at facilities. The current recycling level was at 33 percent in fiscal year 2006. The goal for this year is to bump that up to 40 percent. Once benchmarks are established for all facilities, company officials want to push recycling up to 50 percent of waste by November 2011.

The report includes data from FY 2006 and anecdotal data from FY 2006-October 2007 for the parent company and many of its subsidiaries.

The report also features Hormel Foods’ increased commitment to fighting hunger in the United States. For example, in FY 2006 and the first half of FY 2007, Hormel Foods donated 1.18 million pounds of product to food banks. In addition, Hormel Foods sponsored a survey to study Americans’ perceptions of hunger, as well as two state-based hunger summits where industry, association, community and legislative leaders discussed how to improve collaboration to eliminate hunger.

The report can be downloaded at Hormel Foods’ corporate Web site www.hormelfoods.com/responsibility/default.aspx.