Even at this time of year when American farm families are typically looking forward to planning for the new year, some are struggling. A spouse may have lost an off-farm job, a family member may not fully know his place in an operation and others have been hit by low prices for what they produce.

Resources are available through Kansas State Research and Extension, as well as eXtension, to help families who are struggling or in transition. eXtension is an educational partnership comprised of land grant universities across the country.

The Kansas Farm Analyst Program will offer "Keeping the Family Farming" Workshops in January for families who are incorporating family members and others into a farm operation or passing the farm business from one generation to the next. Registration and other information is available on the Web site or by contacting Rich Llewelyn at (785) 532-1504.

eXtension offers an eight-lesson course, "Investing for Farm Families," which can help family members  make strategic decisions while weaving together farm and personal investments. More information is available on the Web site.

The Kansas State Farm Analyst Program provides one-on-one educational services to Kansas farm families. Using Finpack computer software, analysts provide business analysis while teaching financial concepts through their application on individual farms. More information is available by calling 785-636-5462 or e-mail dhund@ksu.edu.

The Kansas Rural Family Helpline is a non-profit, direct service program dedicated to meeting the special needs of rural families in Kansas. The Helpline provides confidential, short-term emotional support, competent advice, and qualified referrals directly to rural families struggling with an unmet emotional, medical, financial or legal need. More information is available by calling 1-866-FARM-KSU (1-866-327-6578) or e-mail farmksu@humec.ksu.edu.
The Kansas Agricultural Mediation Service, based in Kansas State Research and Extension, works with farm families in a confidential manner to find information, connect families with services and help resolve disputes that arise with government agencies, banks, suppliers and others. More information is available by calling (800) 321-3276

The Kansas Farm Management Association, a part of Kansas State Research and Extension, has economists based in several communities throughout Kansas who work cooperatively with farm families to provide production and financial management information for use in decision making. More information is available by calling 785-532-1513 or on the Web.