About 70 percent of Americans serve ham for their Easter holiday dinner. Now, the National Pork Board is offering new ideas to showcase this classic.

The NPB's latest digital media kit includes recipes and photographs of baked ham with sweet ‘n’ sour plum sauce, along with celebrity chef Rick Bayless’ chipotle-glazed ham with cherry jicama salsa. The Bayless recipe fits perfectly for Easter.

“We know the value has always been there with ham, but we want to communicate this message to Americans who are looking to save, not spend, this spring,” says Pamela Johnson, director of consumer communications for the National Pork Board. “While ham is affordable, it’s also versatile and pairs well with any flavor. We’re showing how easy it can be to add a new taste to the holiday meal this year.”

 “Since we don’t have to create a lot of new information, we can save time and money by adding a new twist on the recipes and material we already have,” says Johnson. “We want to be a resource for all things pork, and ham promotions at Easter offer an important, cost-effective way to keep pork top of mind.”

Source: NPB