One of the two workers arrested in the Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Co., animal-handling case has received six months in jail. The worker pleaded guilty in San Bernardino Superior Court to three misdemeanor counts of illegal movement of a non-ambulatory animal, according to the Associated Press.

Rafael Sanchez Herrera, 34, was seen on an undercover video recorded by a representative of the Humane Society of the United States. It eventually lead to the largest beef recall in U.S. history in February. At issue was downer cows that workers attempted to force to stand so they could be slaughtered. At least one cow seen on the video was determined to have passed through without re-inspection by a USDA veterinarian, as required by law.

Herrera struck a plea deal that calls for him to be deported to his native Mexico after serving jail time, reports If convicted, he could have been sentenced to as much as three years in jail.

Also shown on the videotape, a former supervisor, Daniel Ugarte Navarro, has pleaded not guilty to five felony counts and three misdemeanor counts of animal abuse. He is scheduled to appear in court again in mid-April.