The 2009 Novel H1N1 virus been found in an Indiana commercial swine herd according to The USDA said it is the first such discovery in the country.

The location of the swine herd involved was not released but four samples came back positive for the virus, according to an Indiana Board of Animal Health spokeswoman Denise Derrer. According to the USDA, the pigs, as well as caretakers have fully recovered.

"This particular virus runs its course in the pig, and once they've recovered, they're safe to consume," said Bret Marsh, DVM, Indiana state veterinarian . "Animals that are presented for slaughter have inspections as a live animal, and during the slaughter process." H1N1 influenza cannot be contracted by consuming or handling pork or pork products, according to agriculture experts.

"The Indiana State Department of Agriculture would like to reiterate that people cannot get the flu from eating pork or pork products. Pork is safe to eat," said ISDA spokeswoman Jeannie Keating in a statement.

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