More than 20 environmental, retail, hunger, Hispanic and food-industry groups have joined forces and launched the Food Before Fuel campaign.

The coalition plans to urge Congress to revisit the nation's food-to-fuel policies, cited as a key factor in the growing global food crisis. Specifically, congressional policies mandate the conversion of more than one-third of all U.S. corn to ethanol, according to an American Meat Institute release, with additional subsidies and tariffs further promoting the diversion of food to fuel. AMI is one of the participating groups.

 "There is certainly an ongoing debate over the best way forward on biofuels," says J. Patrick Boyle, AMI president and chief executive officer. "Our obligation as a nation must be to find fact-based policy answers that take the science and the economics into account. American consumers, our domestic food industry and the environment we share depend on our being able to reexamine our policies and find the sustainable answer."

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Source: American Meat Institute