Iowa Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) visited with U.S. corn growers this week Washington, D.C., and reiterated his strong support for corn-based ethanol and other farm-related programs. NCGA’s Corn Congress is held annually in the nation’s capital and brings producers from across the nation.

"There are many reasons why we need to develop and use renewable and alternative energy,” said Grassley. “It’s good for the environment.  It’s good for the agriculture industry and rural economies; and perhaps most importantly, it will ensure a stable, secure, domestic supply of affordable energy."

The growers praised Grassley for his help in publicizing the recent attack on ethanol by the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

“I’m especially proud of and grateful for the leadership Sen. Grassley has shown in defending the U.S. corn farmer and supporting our work to help feed and fuel America,” said NCGA President Ron Litterer. “A few years ago, we were privileged to honor him with the NCGA President’s Award, and he has time and time again shown why he deserves our support.”

Source: National Corn Growers Association