McDonald’s Corporation plans to expand its menu with more pork and chicken items. McDonald’s is adjusting its menu in anticipation of an economic downturn and to give McDonald’s farmer-suppliers a shot in the arm.

The New Tastes Menu, as McDonald’s is calling the new product line, will roll out in the United States only. The menu will have a definite pork flavor relying on old favorites like the McRib, and new options like BLTs and other sandwiches with bacon added, including chicken sandwiches.

The fast-food mega-chain introduced a pork burger in Germany only, earlier this year, to recover lost sales due to the ‘mad cow’ disease scare in that country. Consumer panic has driven beef demand down in that country. McDonald’s strongly denied moving away from beef and a good portion of the new menu items contain beef as well. The company also points out that the ‘mad cow’ problems are a European issue, while the new menu is a U.S. issue.

Regardless of why menu changes are taking place, there’s little doubt of the positive impact for pork. McDonald’s literally serves billions each day and having a couple sandwiches with a regular spot on McDonald’s menus could gobble up tons of pork and raise demand by itself.