Last Friday marks the completion of Genus' acquisition of Sygen International.

This action makes Genus the world's largest animal-genetics company, with sector-leading positions in cattle, swine and shrimps.

A prime objective of the acquisition is to combine the two companies' research-and-development activities, with the intent of producing future genetic products that continue to meeting customer's increasingly sophisticated demands. Those demands are increasingly driven by growing economic, welfare and environmental pressures, not Genus officials.

They also point out that there will be no changes to customer interfaces. Those will continue to be handled through current contacts-- ABS for cattle, PIC for swine, and SyAqua for shrimps.

"I believe the acquisition is in the best long-term interests of both companies' customers and staff, through providing continuity in day-to-day dealings with each other and participation in a larger company," says Richard Wood, chief executive officer. "The combined company will be better placed to pursue research-and-development objectives to meet future customer needs and to provide enhanced employment opportunities for staff."

Sygen International