The University of Minnesota’s Collegeof Veterinary Medicinehas presented Genetiporc with the Distinguished Research Partner Award for its ongoing support of the Swine Disease Eradication Centre. Genetiporc was recognized for its vision in helping establish a unique research facility aimed at eradicating swine disease. Today the research farm, stocked with up to 2,000 of Genetiporc’s animals that are free of major pathogens such as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

“We work with the most economically significant pathogens in the swine industry. As we discover new ways to prevent disease transmission, Genetiporc passes the information on to its customers and other pork producers. They keep producers on the cutting edge of what’s new in swine disease research” says Scott Dee DMV, the head of research at the facility.

Studies at the facility have alerted the swine industry to the many forms of PRRS virus and how it can be spread, including by insects, in transport vehicles, air-borne and on clothing.

The research has led to a series of biosecurity measures that producers in the Americashave implemented to protect their herds from disease, such as the thorough cleaning and drying of transportation vehicles and covering open barn inlets with insect screens.

Genetiporc, University of Minnesota