Global Animal Management has developed a new computer-based livestock tracking system, VeriSource. GAM, a subsidiary of Schering-Plough Animal Health, developed the system to meet the needs of the food production animal industry. With the recent increased attention to food safety and pending animal identification legislation, the tracing and tracking features of this system has become even more relevant, according to James Heinle, president, GAM.

This system address tracing and tracking, along with easy-to-use full lifecycle management tools. VeriSource tools combine computer hardware and software products designed and built to allow livestock producers a way to better manage and analyze data. When coupled with a unique animal identification, VeriSource creates an integrated electronic system of record to assist the food animal industry in meeting the requirements for the proposed National Animal ID program and potentially for Country of Origin labeling legislation as well.

VeriSource tools include software for collecting livestock processing and source records, which can be used with desktop, laptop, PDA, tablet PCs and various wireless and electronic devices. In addition, the system stores and reconciles the identity of food animals from birth to harvest and is easily accessible through the Internet.