The Food Safety and Inspection Service has published model food security plans to provide guidance about development and implementation for meat and poultry processors, packers and importers.

The food security plans have five guiding principles:

1. Clearly Understand What Needs to Be Protected
2. Apply the Highest Security to the Most Critical Components
3. Employ a Layered Approach
4. Reduce Risk to an Acceptable Level
5. Security Must Have Strong Management Support

In developing specific plans, FSIS recommends that facility operators use a three step process: (1) conduct a food security assessment for the establishment; (2) develop a plan, based on risk management principles, of preventive measures to minimize the potential vulnerabilities identified in Step 1; and (3) implement and test the plan.

Prior voluntary guidelines provided recommendations about types of security measures that may be used to prevent contamination of meat, poultry, and egg products during processing, transportation, and storage. Development of a food security plan was included in these guidelines.

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