Hogs produced on pasture under Niman Ranch's program are now being slaughtered in North Carolina. The hogs are being supplied by independent pork producers in the northeast corner of the state who’s pork producers' genetics complied with Niman's standards. The owners also agreed to grow animals on Niman's feeding and management plan.

The market hogs are being slaughtered and the meat processed at a small, family-owned plant in Warsaw, N.C. The pork is being distributed and marketed through Niman's channels.

Additional pork will be produced by farmers with foundation stock from Niman's Iowa operation.
The first shipment of gilts and boars, under quarantine on a farm near Rocky Mount, will soon be distributed to farmers in Duplin, Nash and Sampson Counties. Each of the six farmers will receive 12 gilts and two boars donated by Heifer Project International under its "Pass On Gilts" Program. The program is designed to help producers remain in the pork production business—in this case through niche marketing.

Additional eastern North Carolina farmers are preparing to produce free-range hogs for Niman.
They are planting pasture crops, erecting woven-wire fences, piping water and erecting Quonset huts.

Niman is a fast-growing company designed to supply free-range meat products to retail and foodservice outlets.