Newport Laboratories has announced the formation of Food Animal Care Tactical Specialists, a group of science-based professionals dedicated to food animal production and health.

Members of this team include FACTS Director, Craig Pfeifer, DVM,; Doug Stine, DVM, Randy Shirbroun, DVM, Mark Titus, DVM, Randy Simonson, Ph.D., Wayne Freese, DVM, Russ Bey, Ph.D., Ben Hause, M.S., Tracy Oleson, M.S., Keith Wilson, DVM, and Reed Leiting, DVM.

FACTS members represent a wide array of science-based disciplines, ranging from veterinary medicine and molecular biology to record analysis, production, and nutrition.

The group will work closely with Newport’s sales representatives in helping customers solve problems and educate producers. In addition to in-house consulting, FACTS personnel will travel to producer sites to assist with diagnosis and treatment options. Applying science-based methods, FACTS members will assist veterinarians in uncovering the root of the problem.

FACTS will also play a key role in enhancing Veterinary/Client/Patient Relationships. FACTS members will be available to speak at producer meetings, to assist in creating technical bulletins and newsletters, and other related outreach efforts.

The group is symbolic of a new era of technical service and support, explained Randy Simonson, Newport Laboratories.

“Newport has always prided itself on how we work alongside the veterinarian and producer with more than just a product to sell,” he said. “We have found that the best way to establish a long-term relationship goes beyond just promoting a given product; FACTS represents our continuing effort to improve this service.”

For more information on FACTS or Newport Laboratories, contact Customer Service at 1-800-220-2522.