An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease hit southern Brazil, just as the government was preparing for a massive vaccination campaign, according to the Associated Press.

Eleven head of cattle in Rio Grande de Sul state have contracted the highly infectious disease. This area borders Uruguay and Argentina.

Argentina has confirmed 291 cases of foot-and-mouth disease since mid-March and 190 cases have been confirmed in Uruguay. Brazil was planning a vaccination program due to worries the disease would spread into the country.

Brazil is expected to produce over 2 million metric tons of pork this year and was expected to export 100,000 tons, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. But an outbreak of FMD could hit those export numbers hard, depending on the severity of the outbreak and how quickly it can become contained.

Brazil was also considered a strong candidate to become a major player in the global pork market, due to abundant feed grains and a large land mass. The current outbreak could affect the future look of the global pork market, perhaps more so than the European outbreak.