South Korean officials confirmed the ninth outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease this month at a pig farm west of Seoul. The first reported outbreak occurred in early April at a farm on Ganghwa Island and has since spread to the South Korean mainland.

Authorities have culled over 30,000 animals at more than 225 farms on Ganghwa Island in an effort to limit the spread of the FMD virus (serotype-O).

According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), China is reporting a new outbreak of FMD virus (serotype-O) in swine in the province of Gansu. All susceptible animals on the affected farm have been culled.

In addition, Japanese authorities have reported the first outbreak of FMD since 2000 in a cattle herd located in Miyazaki. One animal in the 16 head herd exhibited clinical signs (fever, anorexia, salivations and erosions in the oral cavity) observed by a private veterinarian on April 9. Two additional clinical cases were observed on April 16. FMD was confirmed by PCR at the National Institute for Animal Health on April 20. All cattle in the affected farm have been culled and movement restrictions enacted.