The outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Japan's Miyazaki prefecture has reached the country's largest production center for pork and beef, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

According to data from the agricultural ministry cited by Bloomberg, the city of Miyakonojo was home to 376,100 pigs and 67,000 beef cattle in 2007, reports The government has planned to cull 113,600 animals in the area, bringing the total to approximately 272,200.

Officials are still trying to confirm how FMD reached Miyakonojo city, which produced around $247 million of pork and roughly $166 million of beef cattle in 2006, according to agricultural figures cited by Bloomberg.

The disease could spread to nearby Kagoshima prefecture, which accounts for 14 percent of Japan's total hogs and 13 percent of its beef cattle herd as of February 2009. The Mainichi Daily News reports that the Kagoshima government has instituted some quarantine protocols at the prefecture border.

FMD was first confirmed in Miyazaki prefecture in late April, according to

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