Cargill Meat Solutions joins Tyson Foods as an Iowa hog packer that had to shutdown during rains and flooding that's plaguing the state.

Mark Klein, Cargill spokesperson, said the company will halt hog slaughter at plants in regions expecting rising flood waters Specifically, Cargill's Ottumwa, Iowa, pork plant will not slaughter hogs on Friday in anticipation of flooding likely to occur as the Des Moines River crests. The plant will only break carcasses, on Friday. Klein noted that the company will slaughter hogs at its Beardstown, Ill., plant on Saturday to meet customer needs and to keep hogs moving through the system.

Sunday is pegged to be the critical day for the Des Moines River in Ottumwa. "We did not want a lot of hogs carcasses in the cooler over the weekend in case there were disruptions early next week," Klein said.

Tyson also has expanded its closures to Perry, Iowa. Company spokesperson, Gary Mickelson, said that pant will not slaughter hogs but will process pork on Friday. Tyson also wants to limit the inventory in light of possible flooding.

Tyson is temporarily suspending operations at its prepared foods plant in Jefferson, Wis., at the city officials' request. There's no flooding currently underway, but the closure will help reduce the volume of wastewater entering the town's wastewater treatment plant, which is near capacity due to the heavy rains.