Infigen and its agricultural affiliate Genmark, have produced the first clones from adult pigs. Two boars– “The Man” and the late “401K”– both owned by Prairie State Semen of Champaign, Ill., sired the cloned pigs from cells scraped from the boars’ ears.

All of the clones are healthy and vigorous. The cloned piglets were created by Infigen’s AgriCloning Nuclear Transfer technologies, an effective and economical proven platform for propagating animals, according to a company news release.

The fact that adult hogs were used (vs. fetal material) to successfully clone the piglets is significant because it opens the doors to using animals that have died but are of proven carcass quality to create new animals.

Scientists completed three nuclear transfers from the cell line created from “The Man,” resulting in one successful pregnancy. Three nuclear transfers from the “401K” cell line resulted in three successful pregnancies.

Infigen news release