We often hear about the aging of today’s farmers and the threat that creates for future food production. What we don’t hear about often enough is today’s young farmers, many of whom are not only tech savvy but media friendly, as well.

One such farmer is livestock producer, blogger and family farm champion Stewart Skinner, a pig farmer in Ontario, Canada, who raises some 400 sows on a family-owned farm in central region of Canada’s most populous province.

“Our acreage has been in the family and in production before Canada was a country,” Skinner noted. “We have been farming here since 1859.” (For any Canadian history-challenged readers, Canada became a confederated dominion in 1867 and an independent nation in 1882).

Equally important, Skinner not only works hard at improving his farm operations but has become something of a spokesperson for the challenges and opportunities facing smaller family farmers. He maintains a blogsite that tackles such issues as a fair trade program for Canadian farm products, pricing issues for farmgate commodities and maintaining the competitiveness of smaller, specialized farms.

To learn more about his farm, his media experiences and his involvement in helping promote family farming, the Skinner spoke with AGNETWORK.COM Contributing Editor Dan Murphy.

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