The National FFA Foundation has launched a Web site to help teachers, parents and school leaders get the most from FFA's new LifeKnowledge leadership curriculum. The site at, offers information sections for a variety of groups to help them learn more about LifeKnowledge and what it offers. 

"LifeKnowledge is a comprehensive program that teaches all students about premier leadership, personal growth and career success," says Kelly Horton, team leader, LifeKnowledge. "This Web site will give people more exposure to the hands-on teaching techniques by making sample resources accessible. We believe the site will help get more people excited about what the curriculum brings to the classroom."

Along with news and information about LifeKnowledge, the Web site also offers a free monthly e–newsletter, LifeKnowledge AT WORK, which visitors may view and obtain an online subscription. Designed with local teachers in mind, LifeKnowledge AT WORK features tips from teachers, education experts, leadership gurus and a magnitude of other resources.

For more information about LifeKnowledge and what it offers, visit

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Source: National FFA Organization