The number of people on the wrong side of the poverty line took a turn for the worse during the global food price increase that peaked during the spring of 2008.
“By our estimation, more than 100-million people fell back below the poverty line because of that increase,” said John Lamb, World Bank executive. The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates 1.15  billion people – about one-fifth of the planet’s population – are food insecure, according to Lamb. He notes that about three-quarters of the world’s poor live in rural areas.

 Lamb will share his vision for feeding the world in the year 2050 during his presentation at the 2009 Food System Summit set for Oct. 6-7 at the Airport Hilton Hotel in Kansas City . The conference is sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity and the National Council of Chain Restaurants.
 “A large majority of them are in one way or another involved in agriculture,” said Lamb. “Using agriculture to get accelerated economic growth in rural areas has the effect of furthering growth not only for the country as a whole but in raising incomes and producing livelihoods for some of the poorest people on the planet.”
Lamb will deliver the opening keynote presentation during the Summit, As the World Bank’s Agribusiness Team Leader, Lamb manages the global agricultural and rural enterprise work program in the Agriculture and Rural Development Department.
The theme of the 2009 CFI/NCCR Food System Summit is “The New Normal – Building Consumer Trust during Unprecedented Market Volatility.”  A variety of speakers will address the lasting impact today’s high profile issues will have on the future of the U.S. food system as well as current challenges and solutions for building and maintaining consumer trust. Along with keynote addresses, breakout sessions are planned with speakers on nutrition, animal welfare, food safety and sustainability. 
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Source: CFI