The Food and Drug Administration has announced that Stephen F. Sundlof has been named director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. Sundlof formerly served as director of FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. Bernadette Dunham, who is deputy director of CVM, will replace Sundlof. The Commissioner of Food and Drugs, Andrew C. von Eschenbach, made the announcement.

As director of CVM for over a decade, Sundlof has overseen the regulation of feed, food additives and drugs intended for animals. These include food animals as well as food and drugs for pets and other species such as zoo animals, parakeets, hamsters, and aquarium fish.

Dunham has coordinated and established Center for Veterinary Medicine policy in research, management, scientific evaluation, compliance, and surveillance. While serving as CVM deputy director, Dunham also served as director for CVM’s Office of Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Drug Development. That office also oversees drug development for uncommon diseases in major species, such as cattle, pigs, chicken, turkeys, horses, dogs and cats.

Sundlof and Dunham will report directly to Dr. von Eschenbach.

Source: American Meat Institute