Farmer John, a brand of the Los Angeles-based Clougherty Packing Co., is promoting its new ‘California Natural’ line of pork. The company, which is owned by Hormel Foods, is targeting its promotion to the Hispanic market.

The line, which includes ribs, loins, tenderloins, chops, picnics and roasts, is not injected with a saline solution. Farmer John believes this will make the products especially popular with Hispanics, who generally do not like enhanced pork.

Farmer John is featuring 100 billboards throughout Los Angeles highlighting the line during December. The campaign also includes front-page, main feature ads in Superior Grocers weekly circulars, in addition to in-store recipes.

"While there are only 18 Superior Grocers supermarkets in Los Angeles, they average a million pounds of pork sold each week," says Rick O'Fallon, retail marketing manager for the National Pork Board. The new campaign for ‘California Natural’ is expected to help pork capture an even larger share of the market.