U.S. Meat Export Federation trade party will head to Colombia next week to meet with importers, processors and retailers to gauge the viability of alternative cuts of U.S. pork and beef for that market.

This is the second phase in a project to increase variety-meat margins, which are typically low-value commodities when sold in the United States. USMEF met with U.S. packers last April to identify alternative cuts that could have added value when packaged and sold to Central and South America.

“We visited packers to investigate the potential of targeting this market with cuts that may be left over after items are processed for other markets,” says Ricardo Vernazza-Paganini, USMEF director of Central and South America. “We are now ready to present this information to importers, processors and retailers in the market to for further exploration."

The team will visit domestic processing facilities to gather information on processing methods to formulate new ideas U.S. meat processors could use to create cuts for the region. Trips to retail stores will review alternative cuts that are currently being sold in the market and bring back that information to U.S. packers.

Upon returning to the United States, an analysis will follow, if needed new product development will begin. After that, USMEF plans to organize seminars for U.S. packers as a way of sharing the findings and product ideas generated from the meetings.

Source: U.S. Meat Export Federation