As energy costs have continued to rise, there has been increased interest in anaerobic digestion of animal manures to generate energy. This interest has included the direct use of biogas on the farm, centralized digestion systems, co-digestion facilities, and digestion of manures as an energy source for ethanol plants.

The Iowa State University Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department is offering an opportunity to discuss such matters, on May 21-22, 2007 at the Hotel Fort Des Moines in Des Moines, Iowa.

“Increasingly, agricultural producers are requesting information and advice on topics related to anaerobic digestion of manures and agricultural waste for energy production,” says Robert Burns, Iowa State agricultural and biosystems engineering associate professor and course coordinator. “This course is designed to help answer these questions by providing consultants, Extension educators, and others working with producers a basic knowledge and understanding of anaerobic digestion systems, including both concepts and operational information, as well as pros and cons of the technology through case studies.”

Topics will include a background and introductory information on anaerobic digestion, cost sharing and support opportunities, biogas production, biogas collection, biogas handling, and electricity production, marketing carbon credits, anaerobic digestion and biogas use at ethanol plants, centralized digestion, and multiple case studies.

Registration for the course is now open. Follow this link for Information about the course, lodging and registration. If you have additional questions, contact Lara Moody at, (515) 294-7355 or Robert Burns at, (515) 294-4203

Source: Iowa State University