The new EU Regulation will control all types of additives in animal feed, in particular, phasing out antibiotics as growth promotants.

According to the European Commission, these rules strengthen the EU’s food safety strategy and will enhance its efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance. The EC expects the Agriculture Council and the European Parliament to approve the final rule sometime in the first half of 2003.

The EU has already banned antibiotics used in human medicine from being added to animal feed. The new regulations will complete the ban on antibiotic growth promotants in feed by prohibiting the use of four substances:

  • Monensin sodium
  • Salinomycin sodium
  • Avilamycin
  • Flavophospholipol

The regulation also covers other types of additives, including:

  • Technological additives (preservatives)
  • Sensory additives (flavors, colorants)
  • Nutritional additives (vitamins)
  • Zootechnical additives (gut flora improvers, non-microbial growth promotants)
  • Coccidiostats (additives to prevent poultry disease); European Commission